Georgian Blueberry Producers Association and Wonderland Farmers Ink 800-Ton Export Deal at Fruit Attraction 2023 in Madrid

During the Fruit Attraction 2023 exhibition in Madrid, the "Georgian Blueberry Producers Association" inked a memorandum of understanding with "Wonderland Farmers".

The Reform in State Procurement is Projected to Yield Benefits Exceeding ₾2 billion for Georgia

With the backing of the USAID Economic Governance Program, a new legislation will oversee public procurement starting from 2025.

Innovations in Wheat Farming: Insights from Bakar Mumladze

Modern agriculturist Bakar Mumladze has been cultivating wheat in Marneuli for the past five years, and with great success. His yield is often swiftly purchased post-harvest.

Hotel Qvevrebi Set to Expand in 2024

Hotel Qvevrebi is gearing up for an expansion in 2024, according to its founder, Giorgi Rochikashvili, who shared the news with "Business Partner".

The Future of Digital Marketing: Interview with Admixer Marketing Director Irina Overko

"Business Partner" has launched its "Digital Partner" column, delving into pressing topics within the expansive digital marketing landscape.

What Hinders the Progression of the Capital Market in Georgia?

USAID's Economic Governance Program has probed into the predominant issues impeding the evolution of the capital market within Georgia.

Inside CHAMO: Georgia’s Oasis for Sustainable Living and Cultural Discovery

In the serene and picturesque setting of Vakijvari Village, western Georgia, a unique sanctuary named CHAMO burgeons, sculpted by the visionary minds of Misha Arobelidze and his wife Chika Ogi.

Fertilizing the Future: Innovations and Insights with Yara’s Commercial Director, Karolina Frackowiak

Anyone with an interest in agriculture is likely familiar with Yara, the largest producer of fertilizers globally, renowned for its innovative contributions to the field.

Alex Kobelashvili Appointed as New GM of Radisson Blu Batumi

Radisson Blu Batumi has a new general manager. Alex Kobelashvili will move from the Tsinandli estate to the Adjara region and head Radisson Blu Batumi and residential complex "Mtsvane Kontskhi Botanico".