Raf-Avia Airlines Starts Operating in Georgia

Latvian Raf-Avia Airlines has started operating charter flights in Georgia.

Creating Georgian Handmade Chocolate Ambience Supported by TBC

Georgian handmade chocolate ambience was made financially supported by VTB.

Entree Opens Branch in London

The network of restaurants and bakeries ENTREE has opened its new branch at Notting Hill N138 in London, United Kingdom.

Kula Postpones its Investment Project - Producing Baby Food

Georgian canning company Kula postponed producing baby food for 1 year, until 2022.

Enkeni to Appear on the Market with New Name

Company Enkeni producing apple chips appears on the market with a new name - Chempi.

Esquisse Tbilisi - A New Hotel Boutique in Tbilisi

A hotel boutique "Esquisse Tbilisi" will soon be able to receive visitors on Marjanishvili Avenue #51. 

Jujuna Exports to China

The first Georgian semi-sparkling wine "Jujuna" was exported to China.

Hotel Posta Opens its Branch in Mestia

A hotel "Posta" located in Mestia opened a new branch. The total amount of investment is 5 million GEL.

"Tobacco Regulation should be Extended to Heated Tobacco, There will be No Retreat on this Issue"

Giorgi Bakhturidze, the head of the Tobacco Control Alliance, is against the liberalization of new tobacco products during their sale.