"Customer-Oriented AI Governance" Workshop Held

The partnership between the Bank of Georgia and DataFest Tbilisi continues successfully. Recently, with the support of the financial institution and the organization of DataFest Tbilisi

Iceberg Tbilisi to Install Solar Panels with the Support of the Bank of Georgia

The Bank of Georgia, a prominent private financial institution, continues its active efforts to care for the environment and promote green projects. In partnership with the bank, Iceberg Tbilisi will install solar panels.

Credo Bank Secures $13 Million Investment from Symbiotics Investments

Credo Bank has secured an investment of $13 million (₾36 million) from Symbiotics Investments. The three-year, local currency-denominated resource aims to support micro, small, and medium entrepreneurs in Georgia.

TBC Launches New International Payment Platform for Businesses

Recently, TBC Group acquired an international payment platform to help businesses easily and quickly receive and manage payments, increase sales, and provide the best customer experience.

Georgian Banks Witness $400 Million Deposit Shift from Lari to US Dollars in May: TBC Capital Report

In May, approximately $400 million worth of deposits were converted from Georgian Lari (GEL) to US dollars in Georgian banks, according to a weekly update from TBC Capital's chief economist.

The Bank of Georgia Launches Digitalization Program for Women Entrepreneurs

The Bank of Georgia, a leading business-supporting financial institution, continues to champion women entrepreneurs.

Meet the Sixth Stream Mentors of 500 Global in Eurasia: Timur Daudpota's Journey from Startup to Mentorship

Recently, 500 Global, in cooperation with the Bank of Georgia and the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA), began training participants in the sixth stream of the startup acceleration program, 500 Global in Eurasia.

46% Growth: Nika Kurdiani Explains the Success of TBC UZ

In the first quarter of 2024, TBC UZ saw a significant increase in its business activities. The volume of loans issued rose by 127%, deposits grew by nearly 76%.

National Bank Intervenes with $60 Million to Stabilize Currency Market

Today, the National Bank of Georgia intervened in the foreign exchange market, selling $60 million to provide liquidity amid recent volatility.