Posted: 11 months ago

$38.8 Million Allocated for New Substation in Svaneti

The "Georgian State Electric System", in collaboration with "Bemoni-Yeos", recently announced the development of a state-of-the-art substation in Svaneti's Mestia municipality.

Titled "Idliani 500", this ambitious project comes with a budget of approximately $38.8 million.

Both parties have officially inked their commitment by signing a cooperative agreement.

This venture promises to usher in a cutting-edge substation to Georgia's energy infrastructure. Once operational, it will seamlessly integrate the energy generated from upcoming hydroelectric power plants in Svaneti. This strategic move aims to reduce Georgia's reliance on external electricity imports.

"Bemoni-Yeo" is slated to oversee the design and completion of this significant infrastructure within a two-year timeframe.