Georgian Investments in the Production of Ferroalloys of Kazakhstan

Davit Kemertelidze's business activity went beyond the borders of Georgia. In the Kazakh city of Karaganda, the company YDD Corporation has launched the fifth largest factory in the world in the field of ferrosilicon production.

Guram Baghdoshvili’s Restaurant May Close in February. Resources Running out

Sectoral restrictions will be lifted starting February 1, 2021.

Georgian Post Expands Courier Services Area

Georgian Post plans to expand the courier services area for parcels in order to serve transit cargo through the city of Prague.

Ginventor to Launch the USB Cable Factory in Georgia

Ginventor launches the USB cable factory in February. Approximately 200,000 units of cables will be made on-site each month.

Kakheti Region Hotels Record Major Load

Kakheti Region remains a leader in terms of hotel load. According to TBC Capital indicators, January’s load marked 3% in seaside hotels, 3% in Tbilisi, and 12% in Kakheti Region.

Construction of a Hotel in Former Building of Ministry of Economy Starts - "Hualing Group"

The Hualing Group purchased the former building of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, located at 12 Chanturia Street in Tbilisi, at an auction in 2015 for $ 9,450,000 within the frameworks of the "50 Properties for Your Hotel" program.

Mtevino Becomes a Winner of National Tourism Award

Mtevino, a new brand that started to operate in 2020, in the middle of a crisis, became a winner of the National Tourism Award. 

Georgian Handmade Candles

Identity Candles is inspired by Hellenistic culture. It offers customers candles in the shape of Greek sculptures and columns.

Freco Producing French Fries to Close, Reason is Pandemic

Due to the pandemic, the Georgian company Freco producing french fries has temporarily stopped working.