The Unique Jewelry Brand Made with Love and Eco-Friendly Materials - Lanoki

During the pandemic, a new jewelry brand, LANOKI, appeared on the Georgian market, offering something unique and environmentally friendly.

Pops: Crafting Quality Dog Beds with Convenience and Style

Georgia-based brand "Pops", known for its quality dog clothing and accessories, has expanded its product line to include dog beds.

Prashant Shinde Appointed as a New Head of Plant of Shuakhevi HPP

Prashant Shinde has been appointed as the new Plant Head at Shuakhevi HPP.  Mr. Shinde has been working on leading positions in Tata Power, India’s largest integrated power company.

Rustaveli" Restaurant: A Unique Concept Contributing to Urbanization in Batumi

The NBN Group has expanded its portfolio of hospitality businesses with the recent opening of its premium class restaurant, "Rustaveli" in Batumi.

Grosswatt: Harnessing the Power of the Sun to Benefit the Environment and Businesses

Grosswatt, a Georgian company, has partnered with TBC to establish three solar power plants, providing green energy to companies and individuals alike

Mineralgroup Introduces Innovative Water by the Glass to Georgian Market

Mineralgroup, a company focused on producing natural juice and mineral water, has announced its latest product, Water by the Glass.

Georgia's Elven Technologies Wins US Embassy Startup Competition

Georgia's Elven Technologies has won the first startup competition announced by the United States Embassy in Tbilisi.

The Sweet Inspiration Behind My Successful Business - Natia Kurshubadze's Journey to Entrepreneurship

Natia Kurshubadze's passion for gastronomy and experimentation with desserts led her to turn her hobby into a business during the pandemic.

Drakkar: Crafting Miniature Worlds that Preserve Memories

Lili Tsikarishvili and her husband turned their hobby into a successful business venture, creating miniature replicas of favorite places and memories for their customers.