Mountain Hotels to Open from Today

The hotels located on mountain resorts have been opened today. 

Brands That Left Main Shopping Streets of Tbilisi

"The weighted average lease of contracts registered during the pandemic is 36% lower than in 2019."

Georgia to Receive AstraZeneca Vaccine from South Korea and India

According to the Deputy Minister of Healthcare, Tamar Gabunia, Georgia will receive the AstraZeneca vaccine produced in India and South Korea. 

Government to Ease Several Restrictions in March

Several coronavirus-related regulations are lifting in Georgia in March. 

Hualing Tiz to Start Serial Production of Furniture in Several Months

The serial production of the furniture in Hualing Tiz industrial zone will begin in the first quarter of 2021.

Giving New Life to Old Furniture Pieces with Anna-Sekowska Livny

Polish Anna-Sekowska Livny is a woodworker and furniture restorer who hosts workshops in Tbilisi. Sometimes you will find her redesigning old soviet time furniture pieces from the Kutaisi factory.

ZOMA to Expand its Assortment

Georgian clothes brand, ZOMA expanded its assortment.

Most Expensive Wine Producer Expresses Interest in Georgia

The producer of the most expensive wine in the world, Liber Pater expressed interest in Georgia.

Misho Avsajanishvili Becomes the President of Bocuse d'Or Georgia

Misho Avsajanishvili was elected President of Bocuse d'Or Georgia.