Ostrich Farm in Georgia - New Potential Tourist Destination in Martvili

Ostriches, peacocks, and pheasants live with traditional cattle on one of the farms in Martvili. 

Madart Opens a Service Center in Rustavi

"Madart" starts the development of new concept service centers.

Grand Kakheti Plans to Expand the Business

"Grand Kakheti", which has been producing products under the "Makaroni Kartuli" brand for a year, has adjusted its expansion plans.

Basis Bank Invests in Construction of Lileo Inn Hotel in Mestia

Within the framework of the hotel industry development program "Host Georgia", Basis Bank made an investment in the construction of a new 22-room hotel - Lileo Inn in Mestia.

Laboratory of Innovative Technologies - New Project in Gori

"Laboratory of innovative technologies" will be opened in Gori.

Kakhuri Traditional Churchkhela Plans to Produce Tklapi

The company "Kakhuri Traditional Churchkhela" plans to expand the business.

The Company "Keto's" Looks for Additional Funding

The company "Keto's", which produces jams with a distinctive taste, is in the process of raising funds for the launch of its own enterprise in Dusheti.

Bagana Expands the Brand

Bagana, the manufacturer of baby slings, is expanding the brand.

"Bakuriani Inn" Starts Helping Student Employees to Get an Education

Hotel "Bakuriani Inn" starts financing education for employees.