Georgian Company POSTRED to Work on the Sound Design of EUPHORIA

Georgian company POSTRED will work on the sound design of the second season of Euphoria, POSTRED reports on its official website.

Georgian Kharcho is One of CNN's 20 Best Soups in the World

CNN shared nominations for 20 of the best soups around the world, including Georgian Kharcho.

Learn Words from Georgian Holiday Vocabulary

Georgia celebrates two Christmases and two New Year's Eves, making the holiday season fairly lengthy. If you're spending the holidays in Georgia, you might want to learn some of the most commonly used words over the season.

Japan Hosts Georgian Film Festival Showing 30 Films

From January 29 to February 25, 2022, Tokyo will host the Georgian Film Festival, - the National Film Center reports.

ANOUKI x Moët & Chandon Collaboration for the New Year

Two famous brands - Georgian ANOUKI and French Moët & Chandon collaborated for the New Year.

Year in Review: Music - Interview with Jaba Shavishvili

CBW had an interview with the founder of Bloom Music, Jaba Shavishvili, who discussed the matters of the year 2021's Georgian music scene, its highlights, and challenges. 

Georgian Alexander Zazarashvili won America's Got Talent in Connecticut

15-year-old Georgian singer Alexander Zazarashvili won the "America's Got Talent" in Connecticut, USA.

Szabó: We Design Clothes with Soul and Character

Szabó is a concept brand - creating distinguished looks for everyday use with a little bit of touch to underline wearers character and individualism.

Georgian Project ''I Pity the Garden'' will be Presented at Venice Art Biennale

The project "I Pity the Garden" by Mariam Natroshvili and Detu Jincharadze will be presented by In-between Conditions in frames of Georgian National Pavilion at the 59th Venice Art Biennale.