Negotiations with HBO and UNIVERSAL are Ongoing within Film in Georgia

Within the framework of the state program "Film in Georgia", a working visit was made to Hollywood in June, where six production companies held meetings with the leading companies of the world film industry.

Ukrainian Borsch Soup Added to Unesco's Endagered Culture List

As BBC reports, the UN's cultural agency has added the cooking of borsch - a soup usually made with beetroot and potatoes - to its list of endangered intangible cultural heritage.

New Life of a Historical Building - Multifunctional Art Center Opens in Kutaisi

A multifunctional art center opens in Kutaisi in the historical building located at the intersection of Davit Agmashenebeli Square and Tbilisi streets.

Art Gallery Old Time Opens a New Space with ₾278,000 Investment

Art Gallery Old Time continues to develop in partnership with the Bank of Georgia. With an investment of GEL 278,000 allocated by the bank, the gallery will serve customers from the new space.

Balenciaga Partners with Metaverse on Avatar Fashion

Balenciaga is one of the first brands to partner with Meta on Avatar Fashion.

New Movie Theater CINEWAY Invites Movie Lovers to Tsodoreti

The cinema project is created by a group of friends: Ellen Malashevski-Jakeli, Nina Mamatsashvili, and Levan Tsivadze. 

Jim Carrey Buys His First NFT and it's a Picture of Tskaltubo

Jim Carrey bought an NFT film shot in Tskaltubo. This is the first NFT purchase for the actor, which he bought for 20 ETH ($ 39,535) from Ryan Koopmans and Alice Wexel's series The Wild Within.

Levan Gojiashvili Receives Full Funding at University of Calirfornia San Diego

21-year-old chemist Levan Gojiashvili received full funding for a doctoral program at San Diego State University.

Georgian Anthem Author Wins Main Prize for Contemporary Poetry in Milan

Georgian Poet Davit Maghradze was awarded the main prize of Atelier magazine - "Contemporary Poetry".