Real Estate

The International Real Estate Academy Launches in Georgia

In a strategic move to enhance the real estate sector in Georgia, the International Real Estate Academy has been inaugurated, thanks to the joint initiative of Fiabci Georgia and Property Georgia. 

Innovative Building in Tbilisi: Solar-Powered Residential Revolution

Solar Energy Apartments (SEA) is constructing a residential building in the historic district of the city, which will also serve as a hotel.

Buying an Apartment with Cryptocurrency in Georgia: The Future of Real Estate Transactions?

Cryptocurrency has gained immense popularity in recent years, and Georgia is no exception to this trend. With a growing number of people keeping their savings in cryptocurrency, businesses are striving to keep up by offering more flexible services.

Silk Road Real Estate Successfully Floats $20 Million Bonds, Marking a Milestone Achievement

Silk Road Real Estate, a real estate management company under the Silk Road Group, has successfully issued the first tranche of USD 40 million bonds, with the first tranche of USD 20 million sold on the stock exchange.

Prioritizing Employee Well-being: Redliner's Mission for a Safe Work Environment

Ensuring occupational safety is crucial for both the employer and employee.

Why BuildingTec Bricks?

Why BuildingTec Bricks? This specific question is the easiest to answer for BuildingTech's clients, partners and staff, on 14-th of march By the CEBC rankings BuidingTec Bricks Passed multiple tests conducted on brands highly praised bricks.

Creeping Mold Method Ensures High Seismic Resistance, Says Vitali Dvalishvili

According to Vitali Dvalishvili, director of the Center for Technical Condition Assessment of Buildings, the creeping mold method of construction ensures high seismic resistance.

Kartu Group's Skyscrappers Project Faces Setback

Plans for a multi-functional complex with two skyscrapers in the center of Tbilisi have been halted due to criticism, and the company behind the project will need to submit a new application.

Sales of High-Priced Apartments on the Rise in Tbilisi; Which Districts Are Seeing Increased Demand?

According to the monthly review of Tbilisi residential real estate by TBC Capital, there has been a significant increase (17% YoY) in the number of apartments sold in Tbilisi in January 2023.