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"Most Real Estate Owners Refuse to Rent an Apartment to Russians"

"Most real estate owners refuse to rent an apartment to Russians," Vazha Mebaghishvili, co-founder of Noble Real Estate, told 

"Russian and Belarusian Citizens show High Interest in Georgian Real Estate"

"Citizens of the Russian Federation and the state of Belarus, as well as business entities, are showing great interest in purchasing real estate in Georgia and concluding long-term lease agreements''.

Georgia Hosts First National Awards for Real Estate - FIABCI Prix d' Excellence Awards

Georgia will join the 30-year history of the FIABCI Prix d' Excellence Awards – the Oscars of the real estate business – this year.

Georgia's Sparkling Wine Exports are at an All-Time High - Countries Where we Sell Champagne

Exports of sparkling wine are at a 7-year high. According to Geostat, $ 4,926 million worth of champagne exported from the country in 2021, which is the highest rate in recent years.

Real Estate Market Review: FIABCI-Georgia

Lika Kardava President of FIABCI-Georgia, Managing partner of and Kate Tabatadze - CEO and former President of FIABCI Georgia; Managing partner of review the year 2021 in the Real Estate market. 

Real Estate Prices Increased by 200% in Suburbs of Tbilisi

"Real estate prices have risen by about 200% in the suburbs of Tbilisi," said Nata Modebadze, a member of the Georgian National Real Estate Association's board of directors.

Real Estate Market in Batumi Increased to $45 Million in October

Although the bulk of the transactions come from new flats, the annual growth rate is for old flats and the new flats are reduced.

ADB Signed $10 Million Loan to Develop Affordable and Sustainable Residential Housing

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Optima LLC have signed a $10 million loan to develop affordable and sustainable residential housing developments in Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi.

Property Prices Increased by 12.2% Compared to Previous Year in Tbilisi

TBC Capital has published a monthly survey of the Tbilisi housing market. The report analyzes the trends of market growth and decline and these data are compared with the previous year.