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Posted: 1 year ago

Live in Kazbegi- ₾30 Million Allocated for the New Settlement

A new settlement is being built in Sno valley. The investment is estimated at 900,000 GEL.

The "Live in Kazbegi" project is implemented by "Lik Development" LLC, founded in June 2021, whose 100% owner is Alex Ghudushauri.

As the representative of the company explains, "Live in Kazbegi" is a test project, after which the investment volume will increase.

"This is the first well-equipped settlement in Kazbegi in a test mode. We are currently building only 5 houses with a total area of 3200 m². The investment volume is approximately 700,000-900,000 GEL. The houses will not be sold to citizens of other countries," explains Alex Ghudushauri.

The completion of the small project is planned for next year, after which the company plans to make a larger investment in the Sno valley:

"We are going to invest at least 30-40 million GEL in the direction of tourism in this area, everything depends on the investment environment, if everything goes well, we may increase this amount to 120 million."

At the moment, the construction process is taking place in the village of Achkhoti (Sno valley), located 3-4 km from the center of Kazbegi. "Live in Kazbegi" includes 52 construction projects, the total area of which is 13,500 m2.