Demand for Georgian Chacha Grows in Export Markets

The demand for Georgian Chacha gradually increases on the world market. 

Government Plans to Establish Financial Centers at Tbilisi Sea and Gonio

The government has an idea to create 2 financial centers.

Georgian Airways for Sale for $ 150 Million - Georgian Business Brokerage is Looking for an Investor

The recently established Georgian-American "Georgian Business Brokerage" is looking for an investor for Georgian Airways.

Bankruptcy/Rehabilitation Process Started at Georgian Airways

Bankruptcy / Rehabilitation process started at Georgian Airways on December 31, 2021, the relevant application was registered by Georgian Airlines on the last day of last year. 

Georgia is Anticipating the Arrival of Covid Treatment Pills

New Covid-19 treatment pills such as Merck's Molnupiravir, will be imported into Georgia, according to Tamar Gabunia, Georgia's Deputy Minister of Health.

Anaklia Port Development Agency to Spend ₾1 Million on Simplified Procurement this Year

Anaklia Deepwater Port Development Agency will spend GEL 1 million on simplified procurement this year. The agency has already received consent.

₾ 6.5 Million Allocated for the Rehabilitation of Melikishvili Avenue

Tbilisi City Hall has announced a tender for the rehabilitation of the area in front of the Melikishvili Avenue and Tbilisi Concert Hall.

Inflation Rose to 14% in Month of December

2021 ended at double-digit inflation.

Hualing FIZ to Expand by 34 Acres This Year

In the second half of 2022, the Hualing Free Industrial Zone in Kutaisi will be expanded by another 34 hectares.