USAID Launches New Program to Build Resilient, Diversified Energy Market in Georgia

The strategic relationship between the United States and Georgia took a major step forward with the announcement of the USAID Securing Georgia’s Energy Future Program.

Container Block Train Departs from Poti to Tashkent, Uzbekistan For the First Time

Another container block train departed from the Georgian port of Poti to the capital of Uzbekistan – Tashkent.

New Multimodal Carbamide Terminal Opened in Batumi Seaport

“Implementation of the Multimodal Carbamid Terminal project in the Batumi Seaport as is another confirmation of the fact that we already are a very strong regional logistics hub.''

A short letter regarding the approaching NATO summit and anticipating future summits

Every NATO summit that has been held over the past decade has been a test of Georgia’s patience and expectations are given Tbilisi's deserved ambition to formally join the Alliance.

Georgia to Receive € 483 Million from France

France will provide 483 million euros in additional financial assistance to Georgia. Of this, 33 million euros is a grant, which will be provided to the Government of Georgia.

Zurab Noghaideli: Georgia Should Become Self-Sufficient Energy Country

“Georgia should become a self-sufficient energy country. This objective cannot be achieved through only small and medium energy projects.

Enterprise Georgia Completes Redesigning Film in Georgia Program

"We have completed redesigning the Film in Georgia program", Enterprise Georgia chairman Mikheil Khidureli told Business Partner.

Factors that Strengthen Geogian Lari

Over the past 30 days, Georgia’s national currency against USD strengthened by over GEL 0.29

Laituri – Tea Company to Export Over 6 Tons of Georgian Tea in 2021

Laituri – Tea company engaged in the state project of Georgia Tea in December 2016 to rehabilitate tea plantations on 24 hectares.