Georgia Introduces Innovative Law to Reduce Food Waste and Landfill Dumping

Georgia's new law aims to reduce food waste and provide tax benefits to businesses that donate leftover food to charity.

GWP Announces Plans for Large Investment in Water Supply Network Rehabilitation

Georgian Water and Power (GWP) has announced its plans to make a substantial investment in the replacement of the amortized water supply network.

A Decade of Healthcare Reform in Georgia: A Look at the Funding of Private Clinics

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili recently announced that private medical clinics have received almost 6.8 billion GEL from the state's universal healthcare program over the past 10 years.

Temporary Closure of Republican Hospital in Georgia as Ministry of Health Prepares for Full Rehabilitation

The Ministry of Health in Georgia has announced plans to fully rehabilitate the Central Republican Hospital, resulting in the clinic's temporary closure and suspension of patient services.

Ministry of Health Probes Alleged Price Hikes in Oncological Medicines, Threatening Patients' Access to Treatment

The Ministry of Health reports an artificial increase in the prices of oncological medicines, which is a matter of concern for many citizens.

Central Election Commission to Invest $4.5 Million in Electronic Vote Counting Technology

The Central Election Commission (CEC) has entered into a $4.5 million contract with British company Smartmatic International Holding for electronic vote counting and biometric authentication of voters.

Georgia's Fintech Market Poised for Rapid Growth, Expected to Exceed $1 Billion in Digital Payments by 2023

According to STATISTA, the fintech market in Georgia is poised to exceed $1 billion in digital payments by 2023, and to reach $2 billion by 2027.

Georgia's Mortgage-Backed Bond Market Estimated to Reach ₾3 Billion in Next 2-3 Years.

Nikoloz Gagua predicts the volume of mortgage-backed bonds in Georgia will reach ₾3 billion within the next 2-3 years, following the adoption of legislative framework by Parliament and regulatory rules by the National Bank.

Reclamation Infrastructure Projects Worth Up To GEL 20 Million to Commence in Kvemo Kartli

Rehabilitation projects valued up to GEL 20 million are scheduled to begin in the Kvemo Kartli region in 2023.