Karaman Kutateladze's Exhibition - Invisible Utopias in Art-Villa Garikula

Art-Villa Garikula presents the exhibition of Karaman Kutateladze's "Invisible Utopias" till February 25th. The series unites new paintings of the artist. 

Ana Chaduneli's Terrible Dreams to Present at Patara Gallery

The exhibition started on January 16th at Patara Gallery. Entry is free of charge.

Welcome To Earth! - Gega Kutateli's Personal Exhibition to Present at Dedicace Gallery

Dedicace Gallery virtual space presents Gega Kutateli's personal exhibition - "Welcome to Earth!" on January 20th.

Connections of Memory - Exhibition to Hold in Tbilisi State Academy of Arts

On the 27th December 2020, a hybrid exhibition named, "Connections of Memory’’ will be held in Tbilisi State Academy of Arts.

Tbilisi International Festival of Theater to Hold Online

This is the 20th anniversary of the Tbilisi International Festival of Theater, which would have hosted several actors from different parts of the world and variety of performances.

DataFest Tbilisi 2020 Holds Online

DataFest Tbilisi 2020 is the 4th edition of an annual international data conference happening in the vibrant capital of Georgia.

Ethnofest 2020 Holds Online This Year

Tbilisi 3rd International Summit of Crafts and Design - Ethnofest 2020 holds online on December 19th at 4:00 PM.

Business Innovation Utilizing AI/IoT - Japanese Webinar Holds in Georgia

The Japanese Management Center – GAAS (Official Representative of AOTS in Georgia) holds webinar for Georgian citizens on "Business Innovation Utilizing AI/IoT.

FestiNova Presents Online Tour of Exhibition - Ars Garikula

“Ars Garikula” is the beginning of this journey. It poses the quesiton: What are the forms of the different being? In these forms of being we see a hero as an ivasive individual who is distant from everyday life.