Georgian Hidden Symbols - Exhibition by Eto Gzirishvili at Fabrika

From November 23, Art Up | Street Gallery will open an exhibition of Georgian artist Eto Gzirishvili - "Georgian hidden symbols".

ProductTank to Hold Online on November 27

ProductTank is a series of monthly meetings, which hosts product managers, startup founders, designers, developers, and everyone, who wants to know more about product management.

ESoDoc - European Social Documentary to Hold in Georgia Online

ESoDoc - European Social Documentary is the training initiative for media professionals who are eager to develop their documentary and new media project created by ZeLIG – the School for Documentary, Television and New Media based in Bolzano, Italy.

Fuckup Nights Georgia in Quarantine: There's Always the Way to be Held Online

With the support of the Bank of Georgia, tomorrow Fuckup Nights Georgia in quarantine vol. 4 - "There's Always the Way" will be held.

Gary Vaunerchuk is the Keynote Speaker at TBC Business Forum

On November 19, TBC will host an online business forum where the keynote speaker will be Gary Vaynerchuk, the founder of VaynerX. 

Georgian Film Festival to Open in Oita

Organized by the Georgian Ambassador to Japan, Sopo Badisahvili, and the film theater Cinema 5, the Georgian film festival has opened in the city of Japan, Oita, where Keto and Kote will be shown.

Exit - Exhibition of Mikheil Gogrichiani at Tbilisi History Museum

Tbilisi History Museum within the framework of the project "Contemporary Art Gallery", presents the exhibition "Exit" by Mikheil Gogrichiani.

Panel discussion "The Women-Artists. Social Choreographies" to Hold Online by Circe

Circe – Experimental Platform for Dance and Theatre and Performant Foundation presents panel discussion „The Women-Artists. Social Choreographies”.

Tbilisi International Student Film Festival Holds Online

Tbilisi International Student Film Festival will hold online on November 3-6th.