Unspoken: Words of Silence and Noise - Exhibition at Nino Goge Gallery

NINO GOGE GALLERY presents the exhibition - "Unspoken: Words of Silence and Noise", which will reflect artistic and aesthetic insights into the sub- and club culture of Tbilisi.

Vani and Tbilisi Host Exhibition Life and Death - Glorious Pompeii

The exhibition from Pompeii is visiting Georgia for the first time, which will be presented at the Otar Lortkipanidze Vani Archaeological Museum, and two months later at the Simon Janashia State Museum in Tbilisi.

Abstraction in Decades - Group Exhibition at Georgian Museum of Fine Arts

On June 18, the temporary exhibition hall of the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts launched a new exposition.

Tezi Gabunia's Solo Show at Gallery 4710

On Sunday, July 11, Gallery 4710 presents Tezi Gabunia’s solo show “Privacy”.

Tbilisi Architecture Biennial Holds Interdisciplinary Talk Series

Tbilisi Architecture Biennial Holds Interdisciplinary Talk Series. On July 13th, Levan Asabashvili will discuss the matters of the decadence of late Soviet Georgian urbanism -its formation and results.

"When I Wrote a Poem" - Group Exhibition at Artbeat

Gallery Artbeat presents a group exhibition, 'When I Wrote a Poem’.

The Way Things Work - Group Exhibition at E.A Shared Space

Representation of labor has a long tradition in Georgian culture, especially in cinema.

Melike Kara's Solo Exhibition - How She Shapes Us

Melike Kara's first solo exhibition will be held at LC Queisser gallery, having already been part of a group show in 2018.

Swing Music Festival Takes Place Near Golden Lake in Port City Poti

From July 30 to August 1, the new music festival SWING will be held on Poti beach, near Golden Lake, with the support of Poti City Hall and the private sector.