Posted: 1 month ago

Open Space Hosts the Exhibition "Come Into My Garden"

In January 2022, as a result of an open call, Nato Bagration became a temporary resident of the Open Space.

Artist was given a studio for three months. The exhibition "Come Into My Garden" by Nato Bagrationi brings together works created during her residency period.
Nato Bagrationi (1990) lives and works in Tbilisi. During 2007-2011, she studied architecture at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Her main working mediums are painting and installation. Besides, she works on interior design, product design, cinematography, and costume designs for various feature films, and is a creator of numerous art books and photographs.

Nato Bagrationi's work practice includes a multifaceted form of expression and experimentation. Until 2014, she mostly used gouache and paper, creating graphic images. Her later works are mainly abstractions done on paper, canvas, or plywood. This includes installations, sculptures and objects, for the creation of which the author often uses soil, wood and other natural materials.
The works presented at the exhibition are, for the most part, large-sized abstract paintings, made of acrylic paint on different types of textiles. At the exhibition, one will also find objects, sculptures made of raw wood, and photographs.

Being Interested in natural materials, the artist observes the relationship between nature and human, and searches for human reflections on the elements of nature. Each presented artwork echoes this search, and together they represent the author's attempt to create her own abstract garden.