Highest Indicator in Georgian Wine Exports: 62 Countries and 107 Million Bottles

Wine from Georgia was exported to 62 countries of the world in 2021 in the volume of 107 million bottles, which is the highest indicator in the history of independent Georgia. Such a level has never existed before!

Chelti Wines Joined the Network of METRO CASH & CARRY in Ukraine

Winery Chelti wines are sold in Ukraine, in the hypermarket Metro Cash & Carry.

Chelti Winery to Arrange First Pop-up Space in Germany

The Chelti Winery plans to arrange the first pop-up space in Germany followed by the United States.

Georgia to Host a Conference of the American Association of Wine Economists in 2022

Georgia will host the 14th Annual Conference of the American Association of Wine Economists (AAWE) next year.

Telavi Wine Cellar: Sales in the Local Market Halved, Exports Increased

The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the wine production company "Telavi Wine Cellar" sums up year 2021 and states that there is an improvement compared to 2020.

''Grapes Used to Make Popular European Wines May be from Georgia''-Daily Mail

''The grapes used to make popular French, Italian and Spanish wines may not be from Europe but instead from the Western Asian country of Georgia, a study has suggested,''writes Rachael Bunyan for Daily Mail. 

First Georgian Wine Cellar Opened in Brazil

The first Georgian winery "Lorangi" was opened in the Brazilian state of Goias with the support of the Embassy of Georgia and a Kvevri opening ceremony was held. 

Village Vines Doubled Wine Exports and Made Long-Term Partners in the US: Year in Review

We had a conversation with Ninutsa Mirotadze, Co-founder of Village Vines to review previous year.

Georgian Wines Presented at Krakow Christmas Festival

In one of the largest exporters of Georgian wine, Poland, an active marketing campaign is carried out to maintain the growing export rate.