Racha Wine Produced by Chini Exported to Kenya

"Chini" company, based in Bugeuli village, produces Racha wine and is expanding export markets. They have recently exported a small amount to Kenya.

Lagvani Cellar is Planning to Open a Wine Shop in Spring

"Lagvani Cellar'' is a women-owned winery that produces various types of Kvevri organic wine.

George Grey Winery is Expanding Export Markets - Working on Obtaining a License in Canada

Increased production, new varieties of wine and liquor, expanded export markets - this was the year 2022 for the small wine farm George Grey Winery.

Tbilvino Received a Loan of ₾12 Million from the EBRD for New Projects

The agreement was signed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, TBC and Tbilvino.

"We will Spend ₾14 Million from the Budget to Promote Georgian wine"

The Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture, Otar Shamugia, spoke about the indicators and potential of Georgian wine exports.

Tbilvino Sold about 5 Million Bottles of Alcoholic Beverages in 2022

In 2022, "Tbilvino" sold up to 5 million bottles of alcoholic beverages, of which 15% were sold on the local market, and the rest were exported.

Association of Sommeliers Named the Best Sommelier of the Year

The Association of Sommeliers has announced the best sommelier of the year. The jury selected the winner from the three finalists- Koba Abramishvili.

Tbilvino Started Exporting Georgian Wine to New Zealand

The wine produced by the company "Tbilvino" is already sold in New Zealand. The company found 10 new partners this year. Margvelashvili, shared the achievements and news of "Tbilvino".

Twins Wine House Exported 5,000 Bottles of Wine to France

"Twins Wine House", which has been producing Kvevri wine for 25 years in Kakheti, namely in Napareuli, expanded its sales market this year and entered the markets of Sweden, America and France.