Posted: 4 weeks ago

GT VINEA Organizes "Wine Saturday" to Support Small Wineries

Organized by GT VINEA and supported by the National Wine Agency, the second edition of "Wine Saturday," an exhibition and sale event promoting small wineries, will be held on Saturday, June 29.

This event aims to raise awareness of small wineries and popularize their products. The significant interest in the event has increased the involvement of wine producers. As a result, on June 29, consumers will have the opportunity to learn about the activities of 30 small wineries, taste their wines, and purchase other alcoholic beverages.

Participating brands include Agidela, Naferi, Nanatri, Chaleli, Shethes Marani, Zodi, Joe's Wines, Enovani, Orkol, Khashmi Hills, Solomone, Satsnakheli, Anto Wines, Tsinandali 1986, Spring Fields, Temivino, Damilie, Shetes Winery, Chateau Ateni, Ateni Terraces, Mosavali First, Ulevari Valley, Chalabriani, Barbales Winery, Shatirishvili Winery, Solomonishvili Winery, Tsero Wine, Zegvino, and Marbano.

Georgia's wine culture, spanning over 8,000 years, is a crucial part of the country's history and traditions. The goal of "Wine Saturday" is to continue this rich heritage, making it even more diverse. By hosting this event, GT VINEA helps small wineries reach a broader audience, creating new business opportunities and partnerships.

"Wine Saturday" also deepens appreciation for Georgian wine heritage. The event allows wine enthusiasts to discover rare and lesser-known wines, learn about innovative winemaking technologies, and interact directly with producers.

GT VINEA, the event's organizer, has been supplying the Georgian market with wine production equipment, auxiliary equipment, vineyard equipment, and materials for the second year. Their goal is to provide local customers with high-quality, competitively priced products, consulting services, and after-sales support.