Bags with Georgian Prints - The One

The One is a newly-founded startup by Masho Iashvili and Likuna Natroshvili.

Raincoats with Vibrant Paintings that Bring RAINBOW to a Rainy Day

Rainbow Design creates handcrafted raincoats with paintings by Georgian artists or simply beautiful elements, brightening up rainy days with color and style.

Team that Created Gorgasali, One of the First Battle Royal Themed Board Games in the World

Experts say this is the golden era of board games, and it's gaining ground in Georgia as well. Gorgasali Battle Royale is a Georgian board game set in a fictional world.

Creating Art and Crafts with Store - En.uka

En.uka is a newly-created startup by two friends, Saba Enukidze, and Tikuna Shengelia, based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Tbilisi to Host Angel Investors from Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia

On June 23-24, Tbilisi will host Angel Investors from Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia.

Story Behind Fayola - Startup of Two Friends

Fayola is a newly created startup, reflecting African culture and connecting it with the authentic Georgian characteristic. CBW had an interview with its founders, Nutsa Otkhvani and Tika Mgeladze.

Georgian Travel Guide - Team that Builds All-Inclusive Travel Ecosystem

Georgian Travel Guide - This is a group of passionate travelers that have put together a comprehensive platform on sites in Georgia with the goal of making your travel experience in Georgia as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Sliceit - New Startup Launches Soon for Food Enthusiasts

The idea of ​​creating a new Georgian startup Sliceit appeared in a pandemic when our life changed drastically, and people started spending most of their time at home.

WOLLIP Plans to Use Georgian Wool Content for Soft Decor

Wollip is a new Georgian brand on the market, founded by Salome and Ani Lekishvili.