First Georgian Playing Cards Ulala - Filled with Traditional Georgian Details

“Ulala” is a product of “Livlivi”. “Livlivi” is a platform elaborated by Gvanca Gelovani, which creates illustrations and Ulala is its first and earnest project.

New Georgian Sound System - Sioni Hifi

Sioni HiFi is the first hand build/purpose build Dub Reggae SoundSystem in republic of Georgia.

Feedc – New Social Network Developed by Georgian Students

Georgian students have developed a new social network – Feedc. 

The project QvevriXYZ is the winner of Future Agro Challenge

Team of Davit Mizandari will present the idea of 3D Qvevri in Greece, between 7-11 september.

Anti-occupational wine-making "-20%" from village "Ditsi"

Enterprisers Ana Gabriadze and Nika Markozashvili are making wine in the village Ditsi, which is located near occupied territories of russia.

Georgian Appication SiApp - Earn Money when Walking

Georgian marketers decided to give people to earn money only by walking. This is a motivation for the user to have healthier lifestyle.  

Georgian Students Develop Social Network without Function of Subscription and Making Friend

All over the world various social networks follow the same logics – a lot of subscribers signify that the desirable information will be delivered to a wide audience.

60 Watt Design: Creative Installations by Georgian Designer

60 Watt Design is a 2-year-old label by Georgian artist and light designer Giorgi Maghradze.

Startup Grind Tbilisi Hosts New Successful Georgian Startup Company

Startup Grind Tbilisi has hosted the world’s one of the most successful Georgian startupers Tamaz Giorgadze.