Posted: 1 month ago

QuickShipper Secures European Expansion with New Investment

QuickShipper, a Georgia-based SaaS startup, has received a strategic investment from European fund New Nordic Ventures, marking a significant milestone for the company. 

QuickShipper offers a comprehensive quick commerce management platform for online merchants, facilitating seamless integration and optimization of delivery operations. By connecting merchants with leading delivery partners like Glovo and Wolt, QuickShipper fosters mutually beneficial partnerships, improving efficiency and customer experience. 

With the support of New Nordic Ventures, QuickShipper is poised to capitalize on the growing demand for quick commerce solutions, positioning itself as a key player in streamlining delivery operations. As consumer expectations for fast, convenient delivery services continue to rise worldwide, QuickShipper's innovative platform holds the promise of driving positive change and shaping the future of delivery in Eastern Europe and beyond.

The partnership with New Nordic Ventures brings invaluable expertise and insights into navigating the European market landscape. As a European fund with a deep understanding of regional dynamics and trends, New Nordic Ventures offers QuickShipper access to a wealth of resources, networks, and strategic guidance. Leveraging the fund's extensive experience, QuickShipper is set to accelerate its market penetration efforts, identify growth opportunities, and adapt its strategies to meet the specific needs of European consumers and businesses.