Posted: 1 month ago

Saperebi: Fusing Art with Functionality in Stained Glass Creations

Saperebi, a brand born from the creative collaboration of artist-designers Tamar Loria and Khatuna Meburishvili, is making waves with its stained glass artistry. From their small home-based workshop, they craft a variety of glass household items that blend functionality with art.

In a conversation with "Business Partner," co-founder Tamar Loria shared insights into Saperebi's journey and future ambitions. Currently reliant on imported raw materials, the brand faces challenges in collaborating with Georgian glass manufacturers due to specific disagreements. However, Loria remains open to future partnerships that align with Saperebi’s quality standards and artistic vision.

The designers have set their sights on opening a branded store and expanding their workshop. While the timeline for these projects is uncertain due to financial constraints, the aspiration is to scale up production to meet growing demand. Presently, Saperebi’s creations are sold online and in select gift shops across Tbilisi and Batumi. Each piece, predominantly handmade, showcases the meticulous craftsmanship and innovative use of French stained glass paint and Turkish glass.

Loria candidly discusses the obstacles in sourcing local glass, citing high costs and incompatible production requirements. This challenge underscores the brand's commitment to maintaining high-quality standards while exploring cost-effective solutions.

Saperebi's long-term strategy includes seeking investment to realize their vision of a workshop and storefront. Although the investment required is yet to be determined, the ambition is clear: to introduce their unique acrylic glass art to a wider audience. The brand’s offerings, from lamps to thematic and decorative items, demonstrate a blend of aesthetic appeal and technological innovation, captivating customers with their quality and uniqueness.

Launched in 2021, Saperebi has gradually built a reputation for its distinctive handcrafted pieces, with monthly production currently ranging from 25-30 units. Product prices vary, reflecting the artistry and effort invested in each piece, from 50 GEL to 800 GEL.

As Saperebi navigates the challenges of growth and market adaptation, its founders' vision for a distinct presence in the Georgian art and design landscape remains undimmed, promising a bright future for this innovative brand.