Ilia Gijashvili, Levan Kiladze, Mariam Akhvlediani - The founding team

Posted: 2 months ago

QuickShipper Secures Dutch VC Recognition and Eyes Global Expansion After Touch Summit Win

QuickShipper, the one-stop software solution for seamless access to drivers, celebrated a victory at the prestigious Touch Summit pitch competition. In just one year, QuickShipper has become a local leader in optimizing deliveries across industries.

The recent win at Touch Summit goes beyond being a triumph; it's a crucial recognition by European venture capital leaders, including Dutch VC funds Acrobator and CrosSpring. The potential investment of up to 1 million euros not only provides a substantial financial boost but also validates QuickShipper's potential and vision.

Collaborating with Dutch venture capital funds goes beyond securing financial backing; it opens doors for startups like QuickShipper. Partnering with influential funds like Acrobator and CrossSpring offers access to networks, mentorship, and industry insights, strategically positioning QuickShipper in the heart of European innovation.

The significance of this win extends internationally, as QuickShipper aims to expand into new markets, including Eastern European countries, in 2024. This move aligns with QuickShipper's broader vision to revolutionize global industries with its scalable software solution.

QuickShipper's expansion not only diversifies its market presence but also showcases its adaptability and readiness to cater to diverse business landscapes. The startup's commitment to innovation and efficiency positions it as a formidable player in the global software solutions arena.

As QuickShipper continues its journey, fueled by success at the Touch Summit and collaboration with Dutch venture capital funds, the startup stands on the cusp of a transformative phase. Recognition and support from the Dutch VC community validate QuickShipper's potential and pave the way for a future where it becomes synonymous with cutting-edge, globally impactful software solutions.