Sarkev: Beautiful Decorative Mirrors Made by Young Couple

Not so long ago, trendy mirrors appeared on social media that attracted interior design-lovers. Sarkev is a series of handmade mirrors made with love. CBW had an interview with Gvantsa Turmanidze to take a look at the backstage: 

Georgian Startups Attracts GEL 28 million amid Pandemic

Georgian startups funded by Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA) have attracted private investments of GEL 35 million, including GEL 28 million in the 2020 pandemic year.

Socks from Social Enterprise Babale Goes on Sale on Amazon

The socks of the social enterprise "Babale" will be sold on Amazon in the near future.

Craftroom: Handmade Accessoires Brand Plans to Create Art Therapy Space

The handmade accessories brand Craftroom plans to host workshops in the future.

The Winner of Fintech Hackathon Revealed

In partnership with the Bank of Georgia, the University of Business and Technology (BTU) hosted the Fintech Hackathon.

Ankra Bankra : Personalized Polymer Clay Souvenirs as an Original Gift

Ankra Bankra is handmade souvenirs made with polymer clay. Ana Kaulashvili, the founder of the brand and author of the artworks tells CBW about her working process. 

Georgian Brand Trusilvania Makes Lingerie World Colorful and Diverse

Trusilvania is a new, innovative Georgian underwear brand, which has a different and unique design and has no analog in the Georgian market. CBW had an interview with Trusilvania's team to learn about how it all started.

USOFT - Cloud Technology-based Management System for Educational Institutions

Usoft is a platform that enables the digitization of essential services for the education system in one space. Georgian Startup offers educational systems based on cloud technologies to educational institutions.

Mourie – Startup with Hot Chocolate Ingredients

A new startup company amid the pandemic – the Kutaisi-based startup has introduced a new product: various mixtures of hot chocolate ingredients. Mourie – this is how we have called this undertaking.