Posted: 1 month ago

Georgian Video Game Wins at International Conference, Set for 2026 Release

Georgian video game titled "Dumbriel" has won at the prestigious international conference Digital Dragons 2024.

Giorgi Chkrunishvili, the founder of MadMoa, the video game development studio behind "Dumbriel," told "Business Partner" that this achievement is significant not only for their studio but also for the Georgian video game industry as a whole. It opens up new opportunities for Georgian developers.

"It is important when even one Georgian project wins at a conference of such a level and scale, because it shows international investors and partners that it is possible to create high-quality video games in Georgia," explained Chkrunishvili.

Regarding the content of the winning game, Chkrunishvili described "Dumbriel" as an adventure game with comic elements. In the story, the player travels to hell with a little angel and must overcome numerous obstacles to return to heaven.

Currently, only the demo version of "Dumbriel" is ready. The team is actively seeking funding to complete the game on schedule. According to current plans, "Dumbriel" will be a 15-hour-long game and is expected to officially launch in 2026.

Chkrunishvili also discussed the development potential of the video game industry in Georgia with "Business Partner."

"Given that the global demand for video games has reached record levels, Georgia has the resources to create and deliver these types of games to the global market. Similar precedents already exist. For example, we have received orders from various European countries. Most notably, we collaborate with a Polish studio, with which we have successfully completed several projects and continue to work together," said Chkrunishvili.

The Digital Dragons conference, where the Georgian game won an award, is held annually in Poland and is considered one of the most prestigious events in the industry. The success achieved at this conference will help put Georgia on the world map of the gaming industry.