Posted: 3 weeks ago

Demo Day of the Sixth Stream of the 500 Global Acceleration Program Held in Georgia

On June 27 in Tbilisi, eight startups presented their businesses to local and international industry experts, 500 Global network partners, market leaders, and ecosystem representatives.

500 Global, in cooperation with the Bank of Georgia and the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA), hosted a Demo Day for the sixth stream of the 500 Global acceleration program in Georgia. After a 12-week intensive course, eight startups from five countries showcased their businesses to a wide audience.

The 500 Global in Eurasia program aims to empower startups and help them reach their full potential in the Europe and Asia region by providing access to essential tools for scaling in the international market. Within the program, founders participate in individual and group meetings with mentors, working on developing strategies for rapid growth, development, and fundraising. Demo Day provides a platform for these startups to introduce their ventures to local and international experts, ecosystem stakeholders, business leaders, and media representatives.

The participants of the sixth stream of 500 Global in Eurasia are:


Clustr creates a research-based investment platform for web3 users. It analyzes the risks behind each currency and protects investors from phishing. Additionally, Clustr consolidates the user's wallet in a single space and helps create a balanced portfolio.


YAYA provides users with access to more than 250 childcare centers in Kazakhstan at the click of a button.


Optimyzee helps businesses optimize Google Ads through an algorithm tested on 10,000 advertising campaigns totaling $10 million.


Raised offers companies the opportunity to establish business connections with leading, pre-selected C-level executives for full-time or part-time cooperation, helping businesses select the right candidates and achieve success.

KatalistAI, Inc.

Katalist simplifies digital communication by turning text messages into videos with the help of generative artificial intelligence.


Videopoint's platform converts Instagram leads into ads for Shopify stores, driving DTC sales.


Helio.AI is a platform designed for recruiting, making the recruitment process faster and more efficient through gamification.


Trag is an artificial intelligence-based platform that fixes software bugs and updates on autopilot.

Admission for the seventh stream of 500 Global in Eurasia is already underway. To participate in the program, visit the website: 500 Eurasia.

For reference, in 2022, 500 Global signed a four-year partnership agreement with the Bank of Georgia and GITA, within which the 500 Global in Eurasia acceleration program is held twice a year in Tbilisi, Georgia.