Posted: 4 weeks ago

"GITA 2.0 to Innovate Across All Economic Sectors," Says Avtandil Kasradze

Avtandil Kasradze, Chairman of the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA), announced a bold new vision under the GITA 2.0 concept, aiming to inject innovation into every sector of the economy, including traditional industries.

He emphasized that innovation and technology are crucial for Georgia's global competitiveness and the ongoing development of its innovation ecosystem. "As the ecosystem expands, accelerating its growth becomes increasingly complex. That's why we're rolling out GITA 2.0, transforming from an entity primarily focused on startup financing to one where every sector can embrace high-tech solutions," Kasradze explained.

GITA 2.0 prioritizes three key technological areas aligned with economic goals to position Georgia as a leader in global technological advancement and attract substantial international investment.

"Firstly, artificial intelligence (AI) is vital for any country's development, and Georgia must advance AI in the Georgian language. Secondly, phages represent an easy choice for us, given the country's pioneering role in bacteriophage research through the Eliava Institute. With the growing demand for phages globally, our goal is to commercialize our scientific knowledge and expertise, positioning Georgia as a potential world leader. Lastly, agro-technologies are critical due to the significant portion of our population engaged in agriculture. By introducing innovations, we aim to enhance agricultural productivity through local scientific breakthroughs," detailed Kasradze.

Through GITA 2.0, Georgia is set to embrace a future where technology and innovation drive economic transformation and sectoral advancement, marking a significant shift towards a more technologically integrated economy.