Posted: 5 months ago

Impact Hub Tbilisi's Startup Pre-Accelerator Demo Day Unveils Innovative Ventures Poised for Growth

Impact Hub Tbilisi recently hosted its pre-accelerator demo day, showcasing the culmination of 12 weeks of rigorous development by emerging startups.

The event, aimed at fostering the growth of local tech startups and connecting them with early-stage investors, featured presentations from nine standout teams selected for their innovative solutions and market potential.

The pre-accelerator program provided 21 participating teams with an immersive experience, focusing on refining their value propositions, business models, financial planning, and pitch skills. A highlight of the program was a trip to Tallinn, Estonia, where the startups engaged in intensive training with Startup Wise Guys, one of Europe's leading accelerators. This exposure to Estonia's vibrant startup ecosystem offered invaluable insights and best practices.

The nine startups that took center stage at the demo day offered a glimpse into the future of various sectors, from AI-driven recruitment to educational platforms and digital healthcare solutions. Each team presented their business to a room full of potential investors and industry experts, seeking support for the next phase of their journey.

The startups featured at the demo day included:

  • AI: A gamified recruitment platform that streamlines the hiring process.
  • KidNest: An app enhancing communication between educational institutions and parents.
  • ge: An online learning hub for teenagers.
  • Bitpulse: A cryptocurrency exchange rate forecasting tool.
  • TourTour: A travel planning digital service.
  • Wenroll: A mobile app offering interactive masterclasses.
  • : A comprehensive marketplace for medical tourism.
  • Wisp: An app for teaching literacy and sign language to the deaf.
  • Roommate Georgia: A service facilitating affordable student housing and secure rentals.

Since its inception in 2021 by Impact Hub Tbilisi's initiative team, the pre-accelerator has nurtured 81 startups, which have collectively secured over €1.5 million in investment and grants. The program's success stories include Stori, Wempler, Lawformer, Upway, SOS Auto, Tasteit, Wowchy, and Neuropilot, showcasing the vibrant potential within Georgia's startup ecosystem.

This year's collaboration with Startup Wise Guys marked a significant milestone, offering startups unprecedented access to expertise and mentorship. "This partnership is a crucial step for both organizations and a thrilling development for the Georgian startup ecosystem," said Keti Ebanoidze, co-founder of Impact Hub Tbilisi.

The TBC program Startuper has been a consistent supporter of the pre-accelerator, emphasizing its role in empowering tech startups to scale and attract investment. "This year's program was particularly engaging, with participants benefiting greatly from the training in Estonia, undoubtedly strengthening their investment appeal," noted Anka Totibadze, an expert from TBC's business support service.

The Startup Pre-Accelerator, supported by EFSE Entrepreneurship Academy, Startup, and Startup Wise Guys, is a testament to the growing dynamism and innovation in Georgia's tech sector. For more information on the program, visit