Posted: 2 months ago

Sign Language Learning App Wisp Emerges as a Finalist in Pre-Accelerator Program

The innovative sign language and literacy learning app Wisp is making strides as a participant in a prominent pre-accelerator program. Wisp, a pioneering platform in Georgia, is designed to assist the deaf and their families in mastering reading, writing, and sign language, bridging communication gaps effectively.

The concept of Wisp was conceived about a year and a half ago, driven by the founder's personal journey to learn Georgian sign language. Since then, the diverse Wisp team, comprising individuals from various professional backgrounds, has been dedicatedly crafting this unique educational tool.

Wisp's engaging approach involves its central character, a glowing entity named "Wisp," who guides users through an enchanting world. Through this journey, users progressively learn reading, writing, and sign language skills. The app features specially designed interactive tasks and animations tailored for individuals with complete hearing impairment, making learning an accessible and enjoyable experience. Additionally, Wisp is a valuable resource for those without hearing impairments who wish to learn sign language.

Through multiple rounds of testing and user feedback, Wisp has undergone significant enhancements in design, interface, and functionality. The team credits their participation in the pre-accelerator program as a pivotal influence in shaping the app's final version.

Nutsa Revazishvili, one of Wisp's founders, emphasizes the invaluable knowledge, experience, and personal growth gained during the three months of the pre-accelerator program. Beyond professional skills, the most impactful aspect for Revazishvili has been the connections and unique experiences shared with fellow participants and mentors.

The program has seen Wisp's business model undergo a complete transformation, with new ideas and technical plans emerging. As the journey to the app's final version continues, the Wisp team, alongside other pre-accelerator finalists, is set to attend a three-day bootcamp in Tallinn. This event will culminate in a presentation to an international jury.

The Startup Pre-Accelerator, initiated in 2021 by the Impact Hub Tbilisi team, addresses the challenges within the local startup ecosystem and has been consistently supported by the TBC Startuper program. Over its course, the program has seen participation from 60 startups across three streams, cumulatively securing over 1 million euros in investments and grants.