Georgia: "An Oenological Marvel", Claims Club Oenologique

The esteemed British wine magazine, Club Oenologique, has recently showcased Georgia's rich winemaking tradition in its pages.

Gurjaani Wine Festival 2023: A Celebration of Kakheti's Wine Heritage

Scheduled for October 14, Gurjaani, the epicenter of winemaking, will proudly host its wine festival for the fifth consecutive year.

IWSC’s First 2024 Global Judging to take place in Georgia

The illustrious International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) is set to inaugurate its 2024 Wine Awards in the revered viticultural landscape of Georgia

Grand Tasting of Georgian Wine Graces New York City

In a bid to broaden the horizons of wine connoisseurs and expand its market reach, Georgia, backed by the National Wine Agency,

Tsinandali Estate Hosts the Inaugural Grand Jury Du Vin Wine Symposium

Tsinandali Estate and Silk Road Group proudly announce the inaugural Tsinandali Wine Symposium on November 3-4, a collaboration with the renowned Swiss association, Grand Jury Du Vin.

Sustainable Radiance: Wine Kakheti Advances with Strategic Solar Implementations

Bank of Georgia, a robust private financial entity, persists in its active endorsement of eco-conscious initiatives. To further this commitment, a collaborative venture has been undertaken with "Wine Kakheti," leading to the installation of solar panels.

Georgia's Wine Exports Surge to $169.3 Million; Russia Tops Buyer List

Between January and August, Georgia witnessed a robust increase in wine exports, generating revenues of $169.33 million—a 15.6% uptick compared to the same timeframe last year.

Tbilvino Offers Competitive Rates for Rkatsiteli Grapes Despite Seasonal Setbacks

Tbilvino, a trailblazing wine-producing company in Georgia, is currently paying winegrowers 1.15  GEL per kilogram for Rkatsiteli grapes.

Georgia Showcased as Honored Guest at Daejeon International Wine Festival in Korea

With the endorsement of the National Wine Agency, Georgia distinguished itself as this year's honored guest at the Daejeon International Wine Festival in the Republic of Korea.