Tsinandali Wine Symposium Unfolds in Georgia

The inaugural Tsinandali Wine Symposium, a notable addition to the rich heritage of the Tsinandali Estate, was held on November 3-4, marking a high point in its storied chronicle.

Georgian Winemaking Poised for Global Acclaim, "Chelti" Eyes Top Prize at IWSC

Georgian winemaking is on the brink of becoming a world leader in the international market, a potential that seems boundless.

Georgia's Wine: Historic Techniques Meet Modern Trends for Brighter Vintages - David Kermode

Wine consultant and former BBC editor, David Kermode, is slated to join the panel for the IWSC 2024 Wine Judging in Georgia.

Georgia Ascends to Top 15 in Global Bottled Wine Exports

Georgia has secured its position among the world's leading bottled wine exporters, now ranking 15th out of 50 nations

"Gvaramadze Winery" Pursues Expansion in Export Markets

"Gvaramadze Winery" is actively exploring avenues to broaden its export horizons.

Unveiling The Essence Of Georgian Wines: An Interview With Christelle Guibert, CEO Of IWSC

Interview with Christelle Guibert, CEO of International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC).

Georgia: "An Oenological Marvel", Claims Club Oenologique

The esteemed British wine magazine, Club Oenologique, has recently showcased Georgia's rich winemaking tradition in its pages.

Gurjaani Wine Festival 2023: A Celebration of Kakheti's Wine Heritage

Scheduled for October 14, Gurjaani, the epicenter of winemaking, will proudly host its wine festival for the fifth consecutive year.

IWSC’s First 2024 Global Judging to take place in Georgia

The illustrious International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) is set to inaugurate its 2024 Wine Awards in the revered viticultural landscape of Georgia