Australian Winemakers Learned about Georgian Grape Types and Winemaking Technology

David Tkemaladze, Deputy Chairman of the National Wine Agency, introduced the strategy of promotion and marketing of Georgian wine to the representatives of the Austrian company "Bentroad Winery".

Avaliani Brothers' Cellar Uses Solar Energy in Production

"Avaliani Brothers' Cellar" uses renewable energy for the production of agricultural products.

Grape Harvest Subsidies Continues in 2022

According to Irakli Garibashvili, grape harvest subsidies will continue this year as well and the price per kilogram will be at least 0.90 GEL.

Georgia is Expecting a Record High Grape Harvest This Year

Georgia is expecting a record grape harvest this year—roughly 300,000 tons. The subsidy program is still in effect.

"Askaneli Prima" Named the Best Wine at Sommelier Choice Awards in the USA

"Askaneli Prima" was named the best wine at the Sommelier Choice Awards in the USA and was included in the 100 best wines.

Muzzé: We Discover New Tastes Based on Traditional Wine-Making Methods

In 2020, the Georgian, new at that time, Muzzé wine company was founded. After two years of activity in the wine industry, the Muzzé wines have become popular with many.

Georgia Ranks 1st Place Among Organic Wine Exporting Countries in the USA

11.3% of the wine imported from Georgia in the USA has an organic wine certificate, which enables the latter to occupy first place among the main importing countries in the American market.

Georgian Wine Tasting and Master Class Held in Leipzig, Germany

With the support of the National Wine Agency and the Georgian Business Development Center (GBDC) organization, 36 Georgian wine-producing companies presented more than 100 different wines.

Doctor's Bio Cellar Exports Kvevri's Rkatsiteli to Japan

The wine of the family winery founded by doctors was exported to Japan.