Georgian Wines Take Center Stage at Copenhagen's International Natural Wine Fair, RAW WINE

Esteemed French Master of Wine, Isabelle Legeron, recently praised the exquisite quality and robust flavors of Georgian wines, noting, "You can now find Georgian wines gracing the most esteemed tables globally."

"Once you've Nurtured the Vine, Life Becomes Unimaginable without it" - says Irakli Tandashvili

Irakli Tandashvili is no stranger to rural life and agriculture. Having spent his entire childhood in the villages of Kakheti and Imereti, his decision to become a farmer was deeply rooted in his early connection with nature and farming.

Tbilisi Hosts the 15th Annual WinExpo Georgia

Tbilisi is taking center stage as the host city for the 15th edition of the WinExpo Georgia, the international wine and spirits exhibition.

Georgian Wine Takes Center Stage at London Wine Fair: Unveiling Rich Cultural Heritage and Ancestral Traditions

With the support of the European Union, Sweden, and Austria, the wines of the mountainous region of Georgia will be presented in London, at the most intellectual exhibition in the world, London Wine Fair.

Less Regulation, More Competition: Winemaker Iago Bitarishvili's Vision for Georgia's Wine Industry

Winemaker Iago Bitarishvili believes that regulations have a negative impact on businesses, increasing bureaucracy, time, and costs.

Minadze's Marani Phersvi: Preserving the Rich Heritage of Georgian Winemaking

At the heart of Georgian winemaking culture lies a rich family tradition that has been passed down from one generation to the next. One perfect example of such a tradition is Minadze's Marani Phersvi.

Chinese Market Shows Interest in Sazano Wine with Talks of Complete Purchase

Sazano Wine, a Georgian wine producer and hotel owner, has reportedly received interest from the Chinese market for the complete purchase of their wine.

RAW Wine Exhibition in Los Angeles: A Triumph for Georgian Wineries and Their Natural Wines

Eight Georgian wineries showcased their natural, organic, and biodynamic wines at the RAW Wine exhibition in Los Angeles, presenting visitors with a taste of ancient traditions and history of production.

Tbilvino Expands Assortment with New Grape Varieties

Georgian wine production company, Tbilvino, is set to diversify its wine assortment with the addition of new grape varieties