Khimshura - Unique Wine Variety by 22-Year-Old Winemaker Girl from Racha Region

Nino Giorgobiani, a 22-year-old winemaker girl in Racha Region, has been producing a unique wine variety of Khimshura

Mad about Georgian wine: Meet Daria Kholodilina

Meet Daria Kholodilina, travel blogger and founder of Wines and Trails and Wine Junkies. 

How Stricter Regulations on Restaurants May Affect Winemaking Business

Wine consumption at restaurants will essentially decline after 22:00 pm and at night stronger drinks and spirits are sold after the government tightened regulations on restaurants several days ago,

Two Georgian Startups Heading to Silicon Valley

Winner startups were selected several minutes ago among 10 finalists. They introduced 2-minute pitch

Young Winemaker: I Want to Popularize My Wines and Share My Story of Success to Women

Mariam Mirotadze, 22, who produces Si' • სი' wines has unveiled impressive plans for business expansion

Khvanchkara Winery Grows Output

Khvanchkara Winery is one of the ancient companies producing various Georgian wines. The winery is located in the village of Khvanchkara, Ambrolauri District, Racha Region.

New Projects by Nika Vacheishvili’s Atenuri Marani

"Nika Vacheishvili’s Atenuri Marani” has been working on several projects, including on the expansion of cheese and honey production.

Saperavi Tea to be Sold in Germany, China and Great Britain

Wine tea production is entering a massive stage.

200,000 Tons of Grapes Processed in Kakheti Region

As of September 28, the number of processed grapes in the Kakheti region reached 200,000 tons, which is 20,000 tons more than in the same period last year.