Posted: 3 weeks ago

Georgian Wine Producers Shine at the Seoul International Wine and Spirits Expo 2024

From July 4-6, ten Georgian wine-producing companies are showcasing their products at the "Seoul International Wine and Spirits Expo 2024" in Seoul. This participation is supported by the National Wine Agency and the Embassy of Georgia in the Republic of Korea.

At the exhibition, Georgian producers will engage with Korean wine importers and wine professionals, fostering growth in Georgian wine sales in South Korea and the broader Asian market.

The Seoul International Wine & Spirits Expo is one of the largest annual events of its kind in Asia. Notably, the first presentation of Georgian wine in South Korea occurred at this exhibition in 2015.

Additionally, a large-scale Georgian wine tasting event was organized by Chan Jun Park, Vice President of the Korean International Sommeliers Association and founder of the Korean Wine Writers Club, with the support of the National Wine Agency. The tasting event attracted over 150 guests.

South Korea, along with China and Japan, is one of the largest wine importers globally and represents a strategic market for Georgian wine in Asia. The National Wine Agency supports various marketing events in these regions to promote Georgian wine.