Posted: 1 week ago

"Ruispiri Biodynamic Farm's Wine to be Sold in Japan," Says Giorgi Aladashvili

The "Ruispiri Biodynamic Farming" company, known for its Georgian organic wine production, is set to expand its international reach, according to the company's founder and head, Giorgi Aladashvili.

In a discussion with Business Partner, Aladashvili revealed plans to enter the Japanese market for the first time this year and resume exports to Singapore.

Currently, the company's wines, marketed under the brand "Ruispiri Marni," are exported to the USA, Belgium, France, Switzerland, and Italy. Despite a strategic reduction in exports this year due to shifting global market trends, Aladashvili remains optimistic. He attributes a significant 30% drop in exports to these fluctuations but notes a compensatory 60% increase in local sales.

Aladashvili expressed a keen desire to see Georgian wines thrive internationally: "I hope more Georgian wines penetrate developed markets, allowing consumers to truly appreciate our quality. Europeans are currently favoring local wines, but I believe this trend will shift, and exports to European countries will rebound. Moreover, we are exploring new markets this year, including Singapore and Japan."

Ruispiri's biodynamic approach to winemaking involves the use of natural products and traditional agricultural practices. The wines are crafted using methods that include treating the vines with a mixture of oak bark, willow, nettle, onion leaves, lily of the valley, and whey, with vineyard tasks often performed by horse-drawn equipment. The wine is fermented in kvevri, adhering to age-old Georgian winemaking techniques.

Annually, "Ruispiri Winery" produces between 5,000 to 7,000 bottles of wine. Last year, however, production fell to 3,200 bottles due to Aladashvili's absence from Georgia, which impacted the production process directly. He anticipates returning to full production capacity this year.

"Ruispiri biodynamic farm," situated in the village of Ruispiri in the Telavi region, cultivates its vineyard over five hectares, steadfastly committed to organic winemaking practices.