Posted: 4 days ago

Annual Natural Wine Festival "ZERO COMPROMISE" Celebrates Georgian Wine in Tbilisi

The annual natural wine festival "ZERO COMPROMISE" has kicked off in Tbilisi, supported by the Natural Wine Association and the National Wine Agency of Georgia. This two-day festival features approximately 100 local wineries and 25 international participants from countries including France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Japan, Australia, and Slovenia.

The participating winegrowers at the festival adhere to natural winemaking practices, avoiding systemic preparations, mineral fertilizers, and herbicides. They produce wine without industrial additives, embracing traditional methods. The festival aims to boost awareness of Georgian natural wine and promote its export to global markets.

The festival attracts wine importers, journalists, writers, and other industry professionals from around the world, offering Georgian wineries a unique platform to introduce their wines to potential buyers. This year, a 13-member delegation from the American marketing company Marq Energie Consulting is attending the festival, organized by the National Wine Agency.

Notable seminars are also part of the festival's agenda. Renowned American wine writer Alice Feiring will lead a seminar on "Climate Crisis and Its Impact on Natural Wine." Danish importer and visionary Sune Rossforth will present "Evolution of the Region for Natural Wine," and Spanish sommelier and oenologist Nuria Renomi will host a session titled "The Feeling of Emotion in Wine from the Vineyard to the Glass."