Posted: 4 weeks ago

Artisan Wine Festival 2024 Sponsored by Agrosphere

On May 8, the Artisan Wine Festival 2024 was held at the Wyndham Grand Tbilisi Hotel, organized by the "Ambassadors of Wine and Gastronomy from Georgia." More than 60 small family farms participated, offering attendees the opportunity to taste and purchase a variety of selected Georgian wines.

One of the main sponsors of the Artisan Wine Festival 2024 was Agrosphere , an importer of innovative agricultural products and machinery.

"Agrosphere is delighted to support initiatives that promote agriculture, including the promotion of Georgian wine. The Artisan Wine Festival is a fantastic opportunity for small entrepreneurs to showcase their wines to a broader audience," said Akaki Torotadze, head of Agrosphere 's marketing department.

Agrosphere provides winemakers with a comprehensive range of wine production inventory, representing over 15 European brands in Georgia. These brands include Sansone, Grifo Marchetti, Lancman, Mori, Mencarelli, Espiroflex, Seguin Moreau, Moog, Perra Pellenc, Trefinos, Tellarini, Essedielle, Pall, Tapi, Naturo Kork, and Enolandia.

All types of wine production equipment are available in Agrosphere 's chain of stores, including stoppers, decanters, presses, stainless steel tanks, bottles, bottle washing/spinning devices, wine pumps and pipes, corks and cork stoppers, labeling devices, wine auxiliary materials, wine barrels, ash barrel washing devices, and more. Additionally, Agrosphere offers production/filtering lines and other factory equipment to large wine producers.

Agrosphere 's products can be purchased both in-store and online. For a complete view of their wine production inventory, visit the company's official website.