Newly Established Georgian Angel Investor Network "Axel" Hosts the First Pitch Day

Georgian Angel Investor Network "Axel" was founded by startup bureau and Kedari Ventures. The network aims to accelerate the development of the Georgian tech startup ecosystem.

Global Impact FinTech to Hold on June 24

Over 30 expert fintech speakers from around the world will share insights and vision for fintech ecosystems. From senior officials at central banks to Citibank head of fintech theme group to VC and PE investors it is an amazing array.

Rokva 2021 - Back to Magic Mountain Shovi

Rokva Festival will be held this summer, on August 14-15.

Work of Eugenie and Olga Orlay de Karwa at the Literature Museum

The Literature Museum hosts the photo exhibition of Olga and Eugenie Orlay de Karwa from June 18th to June 25th.

Guest of Nature – Friedensreich Hundertwasser Exhibition in the Wild Nature of Krtsanisi Park

An outdoor exhibition of the extraordinary Austrian artist and environmentalist Friedensreich Hundertwasser is presented at Krtsanisi Park.

Ana Iakobashvili's Personal Exhibition at Nino Goge Gallery

NINO GOGE GALLERY holds Ana Iakobashvili's personal exhibition titled "Letting Go".

Without Museum Objects: Leafeaters at State Silk Museum

The Silk Museum started to spin a cocoon around itself. After the building’s rehabilitation, the museum will reopen in a new form.

Abstraction in Decades - New Exposition at Georgian Museum of Fine Arts

On June 18, the temporary exhibition hall of the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts launches a new exposition.

Otar Chkhartishvili’s Exhibition - My Yard, The Four Seasons at Bugadze Gallery

Otar Chkhartishvili's work “Four Seasons of the Year, My Yard” is part of an experimental series of works that have been created over 18 years since the 1980s.