Exposition Pictures From Alexander Chavchavadze Tsinandali House-Museum

The exhibition season has opened in Tsinandali estate.

Sandro Mamasakhlisi's Personal Exhibition at Georgian National Museum

From May 18th, Tbilisi History Museum will present a personal exhibition of Sandro Mamasakhlisi, which will be held within the frameworks of "Kolga Tbilisi Photo 2021".

Untitled Gallery Presents New Exhibition of Dato Koridze's Project

Within the framework of Kolga Tbilisi Photo, Untitled Gallery presents the new exhibition of the project by Dato Koridze.

Window Project Presents Shotiko Aptsiauri's 'Waterless Swimming'

Window project presents Shotiko Aptsiauri's exhibition - "Waterless Swimming" from 15th May till June 30th. 

Window Project Presents Shotiko Aptsiauri's Exhibition

Window Project presents Shotiko Aptsiauri's exhibition - “Waterless Swimming”.

'Fragments of Memories' in Tsinandali Estate

House Museum of Alexander Chavchavadze opens its spring season on Friday, May 7th, at 15:00.

Personal Exhibition of Nino Karumidze at Silk Factory Studio

Silk Factory Studio presents a personal exhibition of Nino Karumidze's "Portal".

Kutaisi International Short Films Festival to Hold in May

On May 8-12, 2021, with the support of Kutaisi City Hall and the Georgian National Film Center, the Kutaisi International Short Film Festival will be held.

Gallery Artbeat Presents Keti Kapanadze's 'Portal of Conscious Agents'

Gallery Artbeat presents Keti Kapanadze's solo exhibition, 'Portal of Conscious Agents'.