Art Palace Holds an Exhibition of Ema Lalaeva-Ediberidze

Art Palace holds an exhibition of Ema Lalaeva-Ediberidze on February 28th, 19:00. 42 pieces of work will be presented at the exhibition.

Spring Market.tbs in Fabrika

MARKET.TBS by MARKET.TLV at FABRIKA TBILISI is a special gathering, that came from Tel Aviv and will take place the fifth time in Tbilisi.

Fuckup Nights Tbilisi vol. 19 - Let's Talk About Education

After a short winter break, Fuckup Nights Tbilisi is back with new design, new concept, and other news.

Levan Gelbakhiani to Receive European Shooting Stars Award 2020 at Berlinale

Levan Gelbakhiani, the main actor of “And Then We Danced” a film by Levan Akin, received the European Shooting Stars Award 2020 on February 24 as part of the programme to Berlin International Film Festival.

Tbilisi Arch Week to be Held in Rooms Hotel

Tbilisi Architecture Week 2020 is an event for Georgian students to share the experience of leading foreign specialists in different areas of architecture.

New Wine Festival to Hold in Mtatsminda Park

The New Wine Festival will open its doors to guests on May 9 in Mtatsminda Park.

Innovation Weekend 2020

Innovation Weekend 2020 is a three-day event for youngsters who want to develop their innovative ideas, create business companies and learn more about technology and entrepreneurship.

United Airports of Georgia to be Presented on Connect 2020

This year, annual aviation forum "Connect 2020" takes place in Antalya, a city in Turkey.

Musical Evening of Giya Kancheli and Johannes Brahms Holds in Berlin

Musical evening of two legendary composers, Giya Kancheli and Johannes Brahms will take place in Chamber Music Hall, Berlin on 23th February.