Posted: 1 year ago

Performative Exhibition "⸮ HWĪ [why]" Takes Place at V. Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire Hall

The consortium of Italian-Georgian artistic universities takes place in Tbilisi in form of various collaborations.
The performative exhibition entitled "⸮ HWĪ [why]" will be held at V. Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire Hall on December 1st, at 20:00.
The description of the event says:
"The question for alter ego: What am I doing to find myself?
▫️The essence is the outbreak (origin) that exists around me. Here is where I live.
▫️I am perfection itself, created by the two conflicting energy.
Two independent pieces of one whole.
▫️I can`t exist without another “Me” I need a reflecting action for harmonization, searching,
discoveries, and self-sufficiency.
   I frequently fight with myself to find the origin, its central source. The connection is continuous, but the form of communication is heterogeneous, sometimes calm, and sometimes filled with storms.
Where am I in this process?
▫️I am the point of balanced energies, comprehensive actions, and harmonious feelings. When the point is in its place, it has a limitless perspective. It has the ability to transfer vast opportunities and profound emotions. I am self-sufficient when I feel like a galaxy combined in
one space.
❔And yet: How often am I able to stand in that space? When there are countless constellations behind it...
Cast includes:
Director – Tata Tavdishvili
Dancers – Erica Ciccone; Franca Grimieri De Ioann
Photo/Video – Anuka Kapanadze
Music – Federico Zoccali,Mattia Mauttini, Sandro Tsurtsumia-Ephemidze, Magda Ivanishvili.
Graphic Design – Ilaria Trapani.
Attendance is free of charge.