River's Magic Garden to Hold on October 22

„River’s Magic Garden“ is an annual event organized by the CCA – Center of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi.

Tbilisi Hills Trail Race - Event by TrailLab

After Lisi Trail Race, Tbilisi Adventure Run, Chilly Chili Run, and Kazbegi Marathon, TrailLab present Tbilisi Hills Trail Race, the last race in 2021.

Georgian National Museum Exhibits Freedom-Inspired Art of Non-Conformist Artists

From November 5, Georgian National Museum Sighnaghi Museum presents the exhibition "Freedom-Inspired Art" of Non-conformist Artists: Avto Varazi, Otar Chkhartishvili, Temo Japaridze, Amir Kakabadze, Vatia Davitashvili, Avto Meskhi.

Exhibition Tbilisi History Museum Presents Exhibition - FÜR ALEKO

The Georian National Museum Tbilisi History Museum presents the exhibition „FÜR ALEKO“ (for Aleko).

The Silence of a Painting - Temo Japaridze's Exhibition at Georgian Museum of Fine Arts

From September 23 through October 31, the temporary exhibition hall of the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts will showcase Temo Japaridze’s solo exhibition from the museum’s collection.

Expo Georgia Hosts Caucasus Build 2021 - International Exhibition of Interior and Bulding Materials

The 25th International Exhibition of Building Materials and Interior will be held on October 15-17, 2021, organized by the Exhibition Center "Expo Georgia".

Georgian National Museum Hosts "Life and Death - Glory of Pompeii" From Tomorrow

Pompeii treasures will be presented in Tbilisi after Vani Archeological Museum. From October 12, 2021 the Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia will host the exhibition "Life and Death – Glory of Pompeii".

"Queer Chronicles" - Exhibition at Untitled Gallery

Untitled Gallery and Women's Initiatives Supporting Group (WISG) opens the "Queer Chronicles" exhibition.

Taste Tbilisi at Mushtaidi Park on Fall Weekends

''You can't even imagine how eagerly we were waiting to meet you - we were counting the days and the fallen leaves until the autumn "Street Food" market, which will fill Tbilisi with love and delicious food from October 16,''shares Taste Tbilisi.