Unleashing the Inner Sun: Join Sami Cohen's Transformational Journey with LEO Institute

Leo Institute and Blue Ocean are proud to present an exciting event featuring Sami Cohen, founder of Leo Institute and author of the Leo and LaL methodologies.

The Upcoming Match between Georgia and Norway: A Look at the Teams and Expectations

On March 28, football fans around the world will be eagerly awaiting the match between the national teams of Georgia and Norway in the 2024 UEFA European Championship qualifier.

Georgians Unite in Solidarity with Ukraine at Tbilisi Rally Today

A year after the onset of the war in Ukraine, a rally in support of Ukraine will take place in Tbilisi today, February 24, at 19:00 in front of the Parliament building.

Didi Chailuri Youth Force Hosts Annual Berikaoba Folk Festival

The Didi Chailuri Youth Force and Initiative Group is excited to announce their invitation to the traditional folk holiday "Berikaoba".

Be "Always in Fashion" with AHF Georgia on International Condom Day 2023!

Put on your latex party caps and get ready to share some LOVE with that special someone in your life because International Condom Day (ICD) 2023 has arrived! ICD is a tradition at AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF).

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Returns to Tbilisi in May

This year, the much-anticipated Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi will be held from May 4-8.

Haraki Hosts Heavenphetamine and Shoji Asami for a Night of Psychedelic Kraut Punk and Art

Haraki is set to host a unique and exciting event featuring a psychedelic kraut punk band, Heavenphetamine, and an artist, Shoji Asami.

Europe Square Hosts Gala Concert on New Year's Eve

On the night of December 31, a New Year's gala concert will be held in Europe Square, Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze announced this at today's meeting of the municipal government.

Manga Artist Presents Billingual Book in the Style of Japanese Manga

Tina Tskhadadze-Ratiani designed the bilingual book in the style of Japanese manga. These are mixed-media graphic works on paper.