Posted: 4 weeks ago

Game Jam Georgia": Georgia's Largest Digital Games Hackathon for Youth Innovation

The Bank of Georgia continues to support innovative initiatives and create new opportunities for young people in Georgia. As part of its efforts, the Bank of Georgia's sCool and Student Card are the main partners of "Game Jam Georgia," the largest digital games hackathon organized by the Startup Bureau.

The hackathon will be held on May 5-7 and is aimed at young people interested in the development, design, and sound design of computer games.

During the hackathon, participating teams will work with experienced game developers, designers, and sound designers to create games based on a single theme. The jury will evaluate the projects, and the authors of the best projects will receive cash prizes, with the first-place holder receiving 2000 GEL and the second-place holder receiving 1000 GEL. The event also provides participants with the opportunity to listen to experts from various fields of gaming development, who will share their knowledge, experience, and inspiration.

Bank of Georgia, as a technological bank, recognizes that technology is an integral part of everyday life, and game development is a rapidly growing and developing field that is becoming increasingly in demand in the market. The bank aims to promote the development of skills necessary for future professions among young people and provide them with new opportunities. The team at Bank of Georgia supports many educational and youth development-oriented projects, and "Game Jam Georgia" is one of them. The hackathon is an opportunity to promote the formation of a stronger gaming development network in Georgia and to spark young people's interest in this field.

The Bank of Georgia's commitment to promoting innovation and investing in the future of Georgia's youth is commendable. Initiatives like "Game Jam Georgia" provide an excellent platform for young people to showcase their creativity, work with experienced professionals, and develop skills that will serve them in their future careers.