Posted: 1 year ago

Nika Kutateladze's Solo Show: 'My Neighbour is a House' – A Mirror of Transformation and Memory

Gallery Artbeat in Tbilisi, Georgia, presents a captivating exhibition entitled 'My Neighbour is a House' featuring the evocative work of artist Nika Kutateladze. Known for his ability to craft poetic and symbolic narratives in a constantly shifting context, Kutateladze's latest exhibition seeks to guide audiences on a spatial journey that is both surreal and dramatically structured.

In 'My Neighbour is a House,' the artist masterfully fuses two distinct realities within a shared space. The conventional Georgian domestic environment is transfigured into an alternative reality, extending it into a dreamlike world that feels almost like a mirage.

This exhibition is largely inspired by the impactful spread of Cassidas bugs across Georgian villages and the ensuing transformation of local life. The increase in migration over time has left these villages largely deserted, causing a shift in traditional modes of exchange and trade.

Kutateladze ingeniously captures this societal evolution, presenting abandoned houses as spaces loaded with new meanings. Through his artwork, he imagines a dialogue between those who have emigrated and those who remain, creating a narrative that is deeply connected to the place and its people.

Upon entering the exhibition, visitors are instantly transported to an abandoned village house, a space teeming with evergreen laurel leaves and devoid of human presence. The interplay of natural and artificial light generates a dynamic and immersive environment that provokes visitors to trace the remnants of human existence. The artworks serve as poignant reminders of the past, presenting a dialogue between the past and the present, the departed and those who remain.

While Kutateladze's enigmatic imagery is profoundly engaging, it conceals a dramatic reality beneath. Unrecognizable symbols hint at fragments of traumatic memories, nostalgic sentiments, poverty, and a perpetually changing environment devoid of meaning. The artist explores the traces left behind by these transformations, capturing the spread of Cassidas bugs, families migrating to cities in search of a better life, and the repurposing of deserted houses by newcomers.

Born in Tbilisi in 1989, Nika Kutateladze is a notable name in contemporary Georgian art. His work largely comprises installations and sculptures that reflect everyday consumerism and various environmental issues. His recent work takes a deeper dive into the transformative process of architectural spaces and urban environments.

'My Neighbour is a House' will be open to the public from 22nd April to 28th May 2023 at Artbeat Gallery, P. Ingorokva street 14, Tbilisi. The gallery operates from Tuesday till Sunday, from 11:00 to 19:00. The exhibition opens on 22nd April between 16:00 and 19:00. Immerse yourself in the world of Kutateladze and experience a unique narrative that reflects our evolving society.