Dostroyka / Completion - Tbilisi Architecture Biennial 2020

What is common space and who creates it? What spatial impact do individual actions have on shared space? Can aesthetic chaos be overcome with better personal choices?

Common Waves Radio Program Opening on October 18

Common Waves is an International Radio Collective launched during Tbilisi Architecture Biennial 2020.

Bazaar Talk to Hold on November 5

Within the frameworks of Tbilisi Architecture Biennial 2020, Bazaar Talk holds virtually on November 5th.

Conversation with Stavros Stavrides Within TAB 2020

In the framework of #TAB2020, organizers host several keynote speakers from different European countries to reflect on the concept of "togetherness" and common spaces from individual, social, or other relevant perspectives.

Traditional Handicraft Association Presents Online Crafts Workshops Festival

Online Festival of Crafts Workshops is organized by the Georgian Traditional Handicraft Association, which will be held on October 10-17.

TAB 2020 - What Do We Have In Common

The second edition of the Tbilisi Architecture Biennial, which is conceived under the name What Do We Have in Common proposes to take a closer look at the notion of commonness in our increasingly individualized and fragmented societies.

Tbilisi History Museum Presents Exhibition - Absolute Error

The exhibition opening takes place in Tbilisi History Museum on October 15th till October 30th.

4th International Watercolor Festival & Exhibition to Hold in Tbilisi

Tbilisi Fourth International Watercolor Festival and Exhibition will be held on October 18th.

Investor Day 2020 Holds Online on November 12

Georgia Capital will hold a virtual Investor Day on 12 November 2020.