Posted: 1 year ago

E.A. Shared Space Hosts Exhibition of Mariana Chkonia - the Night of the Wolf-Headed King

E.A. Shared Space hosts the Night of the Wolf-Headed King – Mariana Chkonia’s first solo exhibition. Based on a poem of the same title by Gogita Chkonia (1950-2009, an experimental filmmaker, artis,t, and poet) the exhibition gathers Chkonia’s recent body of work created specifically for the occasion.
Based on traditional Georgian and South Caucasian felt techniques, such as dry and wet felting and using natural colors, Chkonia’s work repurposes these ancient traditions, close to being extinct within Georgia, and develops her new artistic language. Stemming from her architectural background, Chkonia’s work is spacious, assembling abstract geometrical forms into architectonical arrangements and adding sculptural elements to the two-dimensional textile work.
Mariana Chkonia (1969) is an artist living and working between Tbilisi and Nukriani, Kakheti Region, Georgia.

The exhibition is available from November 20th till January 14th.