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The Female Freedom Film Festival Takes Place in Tbilisi

The Female Freedom Film Festival will be opened on November 25th simultaneously in three cities: Berlin, Tbilisi and Chernivtsi.
The "Female Freedom Film Festival" focuses on the perspective of women filmmaking on socially and politically relevant issues. It aims to promote the visibility of the new generation of female filmmakers and support the development of the young, emancipated female filmmakers scene.
The festival has a strong and principal position against the Russian war in Ukraine. The program this year is therefore focused on the cinematic discussion with war and the challenges that arise during the war. The festival brings to the forefront voices of filmmakers who deal with war, escape and violence and in this context, especially with the situation of women.
Screenings will be held in Tbilisi for three days at the "Amirani" cinema.
November 25
16:00 - The earth is blue as orange
74’ 2020, UA/Lithuania
Director: Iryna Tsilyk
18:00 - No obvious signs 64’ 2018, UA
Director: Alina Gorlova
19:30 - Inner wars, 69’ 2020, UA
Director: Masha Kondakova
(Q&A with Maria Kondakova moderated by Mariam Paichadze)
November 26
16:00- Limbo 14’ 2020, BY
Director: Tatiana Svirepa,
Mara 61’ 2022, FR/GE/BY
Director: Sasha Kulak
18:00 - This rain will never stop
103’ 2020, UA/LV/DE/QA
Director: Alina Gorlova
(Q&A with Alina Horlova moderated by Mariam Paichadze)
20:00 - discussion: Women in the war wih Nino Kalandarishvili, Lilia Chikhladze, Moderated by Nino Lomadze
November 27
18:00 - 1937 44’ 2007, ARM|FR
Director: Nora Martirosyan
19:30 - Plai
75’ 2022, UA
Director: Eva Dzhyshyashvili
(Q&A with Eva Dzhyshyashvili moderated by Mariam Paichadze)