Posted: 2 weeks ago

Change Inspire: An International Technological Conference Sponsored by TBC and Organized by HT Solutions

Tomorrow in Tbilisi, with the support of TBC and organization by HT Solutions, the international technological conference Change Inspire will take place. This event aims to strengthen the technology community and inspire professionals to become leaders of change.

Since its inception in 2018, the conference has brought together IT managers, engineers, and heads of IT departments from various companies to share the latest technological advancements. This year, more than 500 attendees, including invited foreign speakers, will participate. The conference will focus on four main topics: digital transformation, cyber security, Big Data, and AI.

On the eve of the event, HT Solutions General Director Nino Gvazava shared insights with us.

"As the name suggests, this will be an IT conference with the primary goal of introducing innovations and inspiring the audience to integrate these innovations into their companies. The conference will highlight the most modern trends and innovations in the global technology market, discussing how these technologies can create business value. Speakers will include representatives from American companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Dell, as well as leading Georgian technology companies like TBC and Space," explains Nino Gvazava.

Why is this event important, and who should attend?

The conference is designed for IT managers and leaders of technology companies interested in the latest developments in artificial intelligence, Big Data, and cyber security.

Since 2008, we have positioned ourselves in the Georgian market, representing top American technology companies as their official partners and representatives in Georgia. We consistently stay informed about their latest achievements and aim to deliver this information to the Georgian audience promptly. Inspired by similar international conferences in Silicon Valley, Barcelona, Las Vegas, and Britain, we decided to bring this trend to Georgia. We first organized the conference in 2018, focusing on DevOps—a relatively new topic at the time. Initially, we had about a hundred guests; now, we anticipate around 800 attendees. This growth reflects the high interest in these topics and the value of the content we provide.

What valuable knowledge and experience will both beginners and professionals gain from the event?

The one-day conference will feature several sessions. The main focus is on IT managers and broader topics, such as the implementation of artificial intelligence in various products. Other sessions will be more technical, focusing on cyber security and Big Data, where engineers can participate in labs, trainings, workshops, and learn how to use and implement different technologies in their companies.

Why is the partnership with TBC important, and what does it add to the event?

TBC has been a long-term partner, frequently pioneering the introduction of new and innovative technologies into its ecosystem. TBC quickly innovates within its products, which is why they have been involved in our conferences from the beginning. Their participation has been crucial in achieving the event's scale. They consistently share their experiences, successful projects, and lessons learned with the audience, which is highly valued in this field.

At the conference, TBC will be represented by Yuri Semenikhin, Deputy Director of Information Management, who will share the bank's vision and experience, particularly how TBC adapted the FinOps methodology and the challenges they faced. Other TBC representatives, Manana Kiria and Lasha Pantskhava, will discuss MLOps and AI.

"TBC, as a leading technology company, constantly supports the development of the technological market in Georgia, disseminates knowledge, and shares accumulated experience with the audience. Throughout the year, we have supported numerous conferences and platforms. This event is the main conference of the year for us, and we are proud to be its main supporters. Developing the market in terms of technology is very important to us," says Yuri Semenikhin.

If you work in the technology field and want to stay updated on the latest technological processes and solutions, as well as meet and learn from leading experts from the world's technology companies, mark July 4th on your calendar. Learn more about the conference here: Change Inspire.