Posted: 1 year ago

Dédicace Gallery's Renovated Space Presents Group Exhibition

Dédicace Gallery’s renovated space opens the new exhibition season with a group show of five contemporary artists: Avtandil Gakhokidze, Davit Kukhalashvili, Tamar Khmiadashvili, Valo Imerlishvili, and Zura Shekelashvili presenting the new artworks.

Besides the sculptural works, all the artworks presented at the exhibition were created this summer with the support of the gallery. Avtandil Gakhokidze presents his ornamental and figurative works that contrast yet resemble each other in detail. Davit Kukhalashvili offers a visualization of the capitalist city and sharp symbolic hints in his three works. Tamar Khmiadashvili continues the feminist theme, and the artist's three pieces presented at the exhibition are a continuation of the picture titled "Reincarnation," shown at the 2021 Tamar's solo exhibition. Valo Imerlishvili's sculptures were exhibited at Dedicace Gallery within the group show - "PER ASPERA" in 2019. The sculptor's new work - "Cut Spruce," is presented at the current exhibition. Zura Shekelashvili has been living and working in Germany for 15 years. Artist is currently not in Georgia and will not be able to attend the exhibition. The author had personal and group exhibitions in Germany: Evelin-dreves Galery, Hamburg, 2017; ART COLONE, Cologne, 2015; Wiensowski & Horbord, Berlin, 2014. Three works made on wood will be presented for the first time at a commercial gallery in Tbilisi. Visual Language of the sculptor is a rough, expressive manner, in contrast to the rather sensitive content of his works.

The group exhibition will be presented at Dédicace Gallery from December 2nd till December 22th.