Posted: 1 year ago

Tbilisi State Academy of Arts is Hosting Fest I Nova 2022

Paradisiac is a residue of everyday aesthetics, which no longer has a history or a living area. It is an image detached from its social usage, indefinite, and thrown out of context. Such indeterminacy gives the image a strange attraction that is no longer defined within the social labels.
A paradisiacal state is in which such images are put in a conditional narrative, a crystallized form that is a reimagined residue. It is a sort of creative ecology that deals with the recycling of urban images, objects, and events that have already gone beyond their social death. Through these residual studies, an existential style is produced, which can be understood as a critical standpoint through contemporary aesthetics, where art witnesses an afterlife of the culture, detached from its origins and projected in the urban horizon.
For the Fest I Nova 2022, a part of the project was selected to present the visual vectors. 10 artworks were chosen to show the diverse visual spectrum, derived from urban studies of ruins and residues. The exhibition held in Persian rooms, which is itself a ruin of history, unites works that vary both in ideas and topics. Controversial in nature they change from a transgressive experience to vivid urban formations and present the critical standpoints of contemporary aesthetics.
Participant artists: Nika Koplotadze, Nikita Antelava, Salome Botchorishvili, Liza Kvantaliani, Tama Kvantaliani, Keti Dandurovi, Nanuka Siamashvili, George Shioshvili, Maria Dellruso, Ano Katashvili, Ketrevan Davitashvili, Nisa Samadbegishvili, Mako Lomadze.
Opening: 9 December, 18:00
The exhibition will continue until the 17nd of December.
Address: Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, 22 Gribojedov st., Tbilisi, Georgia